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Scientific and technical assistance

For maximization of profit and reception of production of better quality it is necessary to modernize constantly existing technologies on output.

Modernizations of manufacture for introduction of technology processing is a right step, however, some enterprises aspire to the greatest possible efficiency of introduced process.

For the industrial enterprises wishing to carry out not only introduction of our technology, but also to introduce our process on existing processes of processing we offers wide specter of services including full cycle of introduction - from working out of drawings, before delivery and installation of technological complexes for burnishing.

The enterprise collective has a wide experience in the organization of process of modernization of the available out-of-date equipment.

Modernization of the available equipment by means of our technology will allow not only to receive better production, but also will give positive economic benefit. The exception of process of manufacture of application of coolant technological environments will allow not only to save means for purchase, storage and transportation, but also will lower power consumption of a processing complex as a whole.